How to Make Your Home Smell More Like the Holidays

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With the holiday season drawing near you may want to make your home smell more like the holidays. Any time of year the holiday smells are welcoming and joyous. The months of November and December the aromas that are etched in the mind for the season are almost an essential.


The main smells that are quite holiday friendly include Christmas trees, cinnamon and nutmeg, pumpkin, vanilla, cranberry, mint, and the aromas that are associated with your traditional holiday meals. For every family, and depending on which holiday you celebrate, the latter may vary by quite a bit.


One of the easiest ways to make your home smell more like the holidays is candles. Candles that are designed to give off specific scents for this time of year are usually relatively easy to find. Some of them are quite the perfect match. Others have a hint of the aroma that you're looking for but might not be all that you expected. It's usually best to buy from a candle store where you can smell before you purchase. Those that are typically sold at your local market can not always be sniffed, although sometimes you do get lucky and find a few.


If you celebrate Christmas and you use real trees you can easily opt for one that has a long lasting and rather strong aroma. Just remember that as the tree dries out it will take on a stronger smell. If you only have your tree for a week or so you might want to consider adding a few indoor wreaths in order to maintain the scent throughout the house before you go tree hunting. Just make sure that the tree and the wreaths are made from the same type of foliage DNA. That way their aromas will match.


For very little money you can purchase air fresheners in holiday aromas that fit onto your heating unit filter. These are blasted through the entire home every time the furnace kicks on. The down side is that you will need a lot of them. They do not seem to last very long. Some of them only last two or three days but the aroma while they are working properly is wonderful.


Finally, you can always make your home smell more like the holidays by cooking. There is nothing quite like the smell of holiday favorites coming out of the oven or simmering on the stove top. Boiling cloves in a pot of water can often give the same illusion of cooking smells for those who partake in pork for one of their holiday feasts. 

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I had a client who would boil apples, orange rind and cinnamon the scent lasted a long time .  I was always pleasant.    Have a great Thanksgiving.

Nov 21, 2011 12:05 PM