10 Reasons to Buy in the Winter!

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Looking at the rain pouring down outside my office window, I thought it was more than appropriate to write why I think buying a home in the winter is ideal.

10 Reasons to Buy in the winter

1.Motivated sellers.  This doesn’t necesaarrily mean they’re desperate. It means they are just as ready to sell as you are ready to buy.  This can bring great results for both parties.

2. Low interest rates.  I don't think I need to explain this one.

3. Less buyer competition.  Cold temps can scare away some buyers. And the holidays keep people busy with vacations and family get togethers. This can be great news especially if you are looking at competitive areas or inexpensive foreclosures.

4. Specialized attention from your lender.  Your lender should always be there to answer questions and make you feel comfortable.  However, fewer buyers in the market can free up some of your lender’s time.  This can translate into even more specialized attention to your needs.

5. Relaxing in spring and summer.  While other buyers are searching and moving, you can be kicking up your feet in your new home.

6. Standing inventory. There is good inventory on the market in the winter.

7. Home for the holidays. You can be in a NEW home for the holidays.

8. Discount on mover. A lot of movers are in their slow season so you'll most likely get a great deal from a moving company.

9. Get your tax deduction! One more huge write off before the end of the year will be great when filing your taxes.

10. Houses are at their 'worst' in the winter. With all the rain, snow, and cold, houses typically are at their worst in the winter. It is smart to see your investment at it's worse before you buy it. Rain in the crawl space? Is the roof leaking? Is the house staying warm?

It really is a great time to invest in real estate. Especially in the Pacific Northwest. I can customize an investment package just for you to get your search going. Call, text, or email me today!

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Comments (2)

Pat & Steve Pribisko
Keller Williams Greater Cleveland West - Westlake, OH

In Northeast OH we are having a problem with middle market homes.  We actually have a lack of inventory for several of our Buyers.  The inventory of homes is dominated with short sales, REOs (Bank Owned) and bad flips.

Nov 28, 2011 03:46 AM
Michael S. Bolton
Michael S. Bolton,Inc. - Zimmerman, MN
MN Appraiser

Jessica~Great positive approach and attitude about the coming months of the winter doldrums.

Have an AWESOME day!

Nov 29, 2011 06:46 AM