COMMENTS anyone????? Help! My blog's too young to die! CLICK "comment" NOW! Please?

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Cheryl Dickson is a Newbie and her posts are awesome.  I can't believe she has only been a Rainmaker for 11 days. Please go to her original post, leave a comment, view a few of her older posts and subscribe to her blog. I know that you will thank me for it.

Original content by Cheryl Dickson
RIP BlogComputer Help ButtonCOMMENTS anyone????? Help!
My BLOG's too young to die!
CLICK "comment" NOW! Please?

    Viola! You've created a Blogging MASTERPIECE!
You poured your heart and soul into creating a helpful and informative blog post. Then POOF! In the blink of an eye it disappears into the abyss, never to be viewed, not a comment to be had, unable to inform or help those many people you wished it would reach. Buried in it's youth under a heaping pile of blogs, blogs, blogs! It's off Page 1 in seconds, on page 2 in less than a minute, now Page 3 at just 2 minutes old. "Help! It's fallen and it can't get up!"

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But, "WAIT!" you say, "It's too young to die! OMG! What can I do???" Your mind is racing! Heart is pounding, "PLEASE! Help me! Someone rescue my blog! Please!" Thoughts race through your head, what are some options???

"I could QUICKLY copy it! Then I will DELETE it! Yessssss! That should work! I'll just re-post it later when it's not so busy. Uggh!" No, that's a lame idea. ActiveRain is always ACTIVE!

"I know! I know! I'll call my friends and...and...and have 'em comment. Yes!" that's not what you want, you want it to be seen, and to help others, shucks your friends already know all the stuff you shared in the blog, they heard it yesterday at the office meeting.

"Gee...Where's it at now? Let me check,"... "BLOGS" 1,,,,,,,,,,,, 13!!!

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"PAGE 13!!! You've GOT to be KIDDING! I just published it 5 minutes ago!"

Somebody PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, help!

What can we do to have a PRESENCE on Active Rain, and Get some ACTION on our posts? Besides this:

Good Relevant Title
Good Content
Relevant TAGS
Post to Hyper-Local Pages
JOIN and post to RELEVENT groups
Allow others to Re-Blog

-I have left COMMENTS on LOTS of member's blog posts so maybe they will return the favor??? Also, I ALWAYS comment on a blog posted by EVERYONE that comments on mine, as a way of THANKING THEM. It helps us develop a relationship and get to know a little about each other.

-If I find that special post that members should see, I SUGGEST it for a feature. Then I always write "suggested" in my comment, hoping to catch the author's eye, so hopefully they read my blogs too??? (Notice "Suggest" is in bold? That is to plant that little subliminal hint in reader's minds, suggest, suggest, are getting sleepy now, suggest suggest, suggest, when you wake, you will CLICK SUGGEST.)

-Just recently, I noticed MANY TOP RAINMAKERS were putting LINKS to their BLOGS in some of their posts, like this:

1) Buyer's SPENDING SPREE! Bring em to a screeching halt! Before BLACK FRIDAY!
2) What is that HORRIBLE SMELL? VACANT Home, or went on a VACATION?
3) The one that got away...from SOMEONE ELSE!
4) Realtors, Are you protected? Hold Harmless clause in Home Inspection Agreement
5) Free Negligent Referral Protection for Real Estate Agents
6) Seller's Inspections - Move-In-Certified Home Inspection offered in Grand Junction by Affordable Inspections ASAP
7) Affordable Inspections ASAP - Grand Junction Home Inspection Experts!

 (I hope that works, because the above 7 blogs added together, ONLY have a TOTAL of 21 COMMENTS. They were buried on "page 13" within minutes of being posted and are now "Resting In Peace" unless someone searches for a keyword or TAG).
I have ONLY been a RainMaker for 11 days, I have worked my way up to #5 in my county out of 86, and up to #498 in Colorado out of 5,514. I leave TONS of comments on everybody's blogs, I earned my "Called Shot MASTER" badge by SUGGESTING great posts to be featured. Now I just need to learn how to get COMMENTS on my posts. That's why I'm asking my ActiveRain family for HELP. Please? Teach us Newbies what ya know!
Ambassadors, Rainmakers, Pro Bloggers,  PLEASE HELP!!!
What can us Rookie Newbies do to have a PRESENCE on Active Rain, Get some ACTION on our posts, And NOT get Buried on pg-13?
Share your Blogging Wisdom!

COMMENTS Welcome!!!


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Cheryl Dickson
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