When Lightning Strikes Twice; The Samsung Galaxy IIs aka Epic 4G Touch

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While I can't say this is a first, I can say it's the first time this has happened for me since the Blackberry first came out.   I just bought a newer version of the same phone.  My first Epic was handed down to my son when his cell became nonfunctional and he wasn't due for an upgrade for another 8 months.  Goodbye Samsung Moment....I won't waste my time on the bad review for you.   But I digress...the new Samsung Epic Touch is thin and doesn't have a slideout keyboard but that's ok now, I get by just fine with swype and voice command.


Samsung Epic 4G Touch


I love the 16gb internal memory and the 32gb external SD memory expansion capability and the 8mp camera which takes fabulous pictures--very pleased with that. The front facing 4mp camera is a nice convenience. The external speaker is nice and loud so I can set the phone down to watch video and hear it quite well for watching Netflix videos or pay per view movies on the go.  The big screen makes reading emails and documents much more pleasant and the processor speed has been great.  All in all, I'm very happy with the phone--again---a second time around.  Now that's EPIC!  :)

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