Condo Association Master Insurance – Recommended Coverage - Boston, MA

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Condo Association Master Insurance – Recommended Coverage - Boston, MA   

In the following blog we are going to provide you a list of Recommended Coverage for a Condo Association Master Insurance Policy. Throughout our 60 years of experience our company, Albert J Marchionne Insurance Agency Inc, has developed a set of recommended coverage for a master insurance policy for condominium associations.

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Since each condo association is unique in it's own way, we will have a slightly different set of recommended coverages. Let’s get started with the basic coverage that all associations should purchase. Condo association master insurance includes building coverage and general liability coverage.


Building Coverage - provides protection for the condo association's building against certain causes of loss (examples - fire or wind) (NOT earthquake or flood)


Building Insurance 

General Liability - Provides financial protection for your association if it (or a member of it) is the cause of property damage or bodily injury on the premises. A prime example is a person slips and falls on your property, gets injured, and sues the condominium association.  



 General Liability Insurance

Below is an additional coverage hit list that is not included in your standard master insurance policy, but may be recommended for your condo association: 

- Earthquake Coverage

-Flood Coverage

-Directors & Officers Coverage 

-Water Damage & Backup of Sewers and Drains

-'All In' or 'Walls In' coverage

-Ordinance and Law Coverage 

-Crime Coverage

-Workers Compensation

-Umbrella Policy


We could write a separate blog on each one of these specifically, but instead we will save you the pain and agony. For your convenience, we have written a one to two sentence definition for each. If you want more detail about any one of the above please flip me an email (

Please understand that the definitions are brief and are being provided to just to give you a basic understanding. Please do not make coverage decisions based on the info below. Talk to an independent insurance agent first - call us @ 617-471-5010 and ask for AJ or Jenn!

Earthquake Coverage – This will give your condo association coverage against an earthquake. All standard condo insurance policies exclude earthquake coverage.

Flood Coverage – This will provide your condo association coverage against floods. All standard master insurance policies exclude flood coverage.

The rest of the Recommended Coverage for Condo Associations listed above will be explained in my next blog published in two weeks!

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