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Moving to a new city? How to find the right area and home.

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•Q.    We're planning to move to a new city in a few months.  How should we go about finding the right area and home?


A.  When moving to a new city, it's often difficult to know your ideal area to live.  Many personal factors contribute to the "right" home or neighborhood.  They include schools, housing costs, home styles, population density, crime rates, convenience of location to your workplace, recreation, and more. 


The first step is to start with the big picture.  Some families like to live in rural areas, others like the city.  Don't forget to consider proximity to your work.  Once you have decided what is important in your surroundings, you can contact local school districts for information about schools, libraries, recreation, and local law enforcement agencies for crime rates.  This will help narrow the general parameters of your ideal area to live. 


You also can research specific cities or neighborhoods at http://www.realtor.com/.  The site will help you search for a neighborhood similar in characteristics to your current neighborhood, or search by specific criteria such as home pricing and specific features or styles of homes. 


It's also a good idea to spend time in areas that interest you and see where you feel most "at home."  Talking to long-time residents of the city where you are moving is always helpful.  They usually have insights about housing style, amenities, schools, and other factors.  Your REALTOR® is a great resource and can help you find a home that meets your personal criteria.  If you are thinking of selling or buying soon, and require competent and caring representation, please call us at 505-924-1031.