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Home Inspection prior to going on the market.

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•Q.    Our real estate agent suggested that we have a professional home inspection performed before we put our home on the market.  Why should we consider this?

•A.     Getting your home professionally inspected before you put it on the market seems like a strange thing to do at first glance.  In fact, many agents don't even think of having homes inspected before they list them.  But once you understand how it can benefit you...the home seller...it turns out to be a very prudent decision.  Here's why...

•w        Home inspections eliminate any "surprises" that can delay or even kill a home sale.  They also help the seller negotiate better.  In most cases, the buyer(s) will use weaknesses of the home (frequently from an inspection performed after the home is in escrow) to negotiate a lower price at a time when the seller is most vulnerable.  Rather than become a victim of such tactics, you can show you've already taken their issues into account in determining your price.

•w        Getting your home inspected before going on the market actually allows you to understand the true value of your home - knowing what you may need to fix and what you want to leave alone.  It also helps you to price it better and understand what your "net" proceeds will be from a sale.  The strengths and weaknesses of your home are going to be known by the buyer at some point anyhow.  And the sooner you know them, the more you can act to minimize, eliminate, or adjust for them.

Home inspections ensure a faster close by eliminating contingencies and other issues, and help ensure a problem-free closing.