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4 phases of the selling process

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•Q.      We are thinking of selling our home, and heard there are four critical phases of the selling process we must examine with our agent.  What are those phases?


•A.     If you're selling your home, you need to be aware that there are four critical phases of the selling process.  A mistake in any of the phases can jeopardize a fast, top-dollar sale. 


Here are the phases:  1) Pricing the property to ensure the likelihood of stimulating offers.  Many people try to set a high price thinking they can come down later.  That's a big mistake because above-market pricing stifles showings and discourages offers of any kind, usually netting the homeowner a lower price than they planned on getting.  2) Marketing the property to attain the highest number of showings from qualified buyers.  Check your agent's marketing plan carefully to ensure they have the ability to do more than just place it in MLS and hold a few open houses.  3) Creation and Negotiation of the purchase contract.  A good agent's negotiating skills can make or break a purchase contract. Check their experience in these matters.  Ask questions about past transactions they handled.  4) Managing the escrow process.  During this phase, your agent must be on top of all the escrow functions: inspections, appraisals, financing, contingencies, and more.  When interviewing real estate agents, make sure you address each of the four phases of the selling process.  Your dialog will be pivotal in establishing trust and a personal chemistry that is crucial between you and your agent.  If you have a question about selling your home, please call me at 410-0724.