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Finding and pre-qualifying buyers.

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•Q.    How Do You Find And Pre-qualify Buyers For A Home You Have Listed For Sale?


•A.     Buyers for homes I list come from a number of sources.  Many come from referrals, either through my office or through previous clients of mine.   Some come from company advertising, open houses and "For Sale" signs.  And others come from the enormous exposure created through my exclusive home marketing plan.  But that's not the only way buyers are exposed to a home listed for sale.  As a member of Multiple Listing Service (MLS), I cooperate with over 3,000 other agents.  I have an agreement that any agent who has an offer accepted on a property I have listed will receive a share of the commission.  This is an excellent incentive for them to show and sell your home.


When prospective buyers come to me directly, I have to know if they're qualified to afford your home.  The last thing I want is to waste your time with buyers who are not qualified.  Here is the key question I ask them when they call:  How much home have they been pre-qualified or pre-approved to purchase?  If they haven't been pre-qualified, I require them to do so, and ask even more questions in the process:  How much cash do you have to put down on a home?  What is your annual income?  What kinds of debts do you have?  How long have you worked at the same job or in the same industry?   How good is your credit status?  Do you have a home you need to sell before you can buy another?   When do you need to move?


By screening potential buyers, I save time for both you and me, resulting in the most qualified, ready-to-buy buyers for your home.   If you'd like to learn how to potentially save thousands on your home sale, I have several Free Consumer reports you can order from my "Insider's Free Resources" list. Just call me directly at 410-0724.