Short Sale Processing: "B+" for BOA, Wells, Chase, SunTrust, GMAC and a few others. "F" for the rest...

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You may or may not agree with what I am saying. I have been struggling with short sales for going on five years (right Alex?) and have +/-300 approvals, I am still personally involved in each and every negotiation even though I have assistance, In my opinion BOA, Wells, Chase, GMAC, SunTrust and maybe one or two of the major servicers/lenders have come a long way. Yes, we still encounter glitches, but overall are doing a B+ job because there is still MUCH room for improvement so I cannot give anyone an "A" yet. It's the little "guys", i.e., Aurora, Flagstar, Nationstar, and many other small players who are difficult if not impossible to work with. And, least we forget the collections agencies, the apathetic default attorney's and HOA/Condo associations we also have to deal with that are trying very hard to kill the deals. I just want to write and thank OUT LOUD, the big guys" (see list above) for working so hard to improve the systems so our short sales move through a little more smoothly. Lastly, I give HAFA, HAMP, the media, Obama administration and our congress and "F" as they are a colossal failure and more of the problem than they are the solution.

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Joseph Alfe
Short Sale Processing Inc. - Chicago, IL

with roughly the same experience as you, I can agree.  Most of the major lenders have made great strides in improvements.  As you know, many of the horror stories of "bad banks" ruining short sales are really "user error."

Nov 26, 2011 06:20 AM