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Euuuuuuuwwwwwwwww.... Thanks for the post Jay!  There is something wrong (I believe) with an agent who would allow a client to put their house on the market knowing there is an infestation!!!!! Aren't we supposed to be in service to our clients in such a way that we "relieve the public" from having to deal with this issue which in turn helps the client to sell their property?  Remember folks... the home is on display to the public!!!

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There are few things worse than walking into a house that is ill kept and thinking "Roach Motel."

Obviously, looking behind a cabinet and seeing this might be one of those things!

Seeing is believing.

When I see this, I do not set my tool bag down!  Not on the floor and certainly not on a counter top!

Since I can't carry it with me, I have no choice but to grab the few things I think I will need most and set the bag outside or back in the car.

The last thing I need is to take a slew of hitch hikers to my next inspection or to my house!

A Scout is considerate of others!

And taking those hitch hikers to my house would shorten my life dramatically!

There's not much that can be said to a buyer, who already knew the house was very messy, but maybe didn't expect an infestation to this extent.

In my experience it is very, very difficult to eradicate this completely.  When asked if this can be corrected I always say that the question is best answered by a pest-control professional and that the buyers should consult one as soon as they can.

When there are roaches, there are usually other insects too, like spiders.

For sure a few foggers won't do the trick!

My recommendation:   when you see an obvious infestation of anything - rodents, roaches, ants, spiders - you might want to consult a professional before making an offer.  While everything can be treated, absolute eradication can often be difficult, especially when the infestation is this advanced.



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