Partnerships: How Are You Creating New Business Partnerships?

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When looking at your business, do you have a plan for progress? If you set goals are they achievable? If your plan is progressing and you are attaining your goals what was it that helped you get to where you wanted to go?

Over the past few years Inner Architect has continued to build processes and systemsfor analyzing an organizations’ marketing efforts within the social network channels. During this evolution, we utilized a generic CRM tool that provided value but on a limited basic platform. We realized the next step for our business was to adopt the  platform for our growing need for greater scalability.

We discovered that has recognized the needs of it’s clients who have adopted social networks by enabling CRM integration with Twitter and Facebook via the Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook app from This powerful app led us to our current partnership launch.

Is Salesforce the Best Platform for our Business?

We believe it is the best platform for our goals and abilities to measure social marketing efforts. We highly recommend the Salesforce platform for managing social marketing. Salesforce’s ability to integrate with Twitter and Facebook enables businesses to:

  • Keep track of engagement with social connections
  • Schedule and manage social networking campaigns
  • Measure and analyze results
  • Hold historical conversational data at the record level
  • Use social data to leverage efforts in social networking
  • Use social data to leverage efforts in other marketing channels

Inner Architect Partners and Red Cote Consulting Inc.: A Partnership is Born

Business partnerships are often the lifeblood of any successful organization. It is with that thought in mind that we are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Red Cote Consulting Inc.. As a certified partner since 2003, Redcote Consulting Inc. has worked with a broad cross section of businesses from small startups to medium sized organizations successfully completing over 300 implementations/integrations. Red Cote’s range of services include:

  • QuickStart: This service rapidly has a business up and ready to utilize  Red Cote helps customers configure the application with a brief Business Process Review followed by configuration of the application. This can be done online or on site. In conjunction with configuration, Red Cote offers JumpStart Training, online or on site training, to ensure users have the necessary skills to begin using the application effectively.
  • Customized Consulting: This service is for customers who have completed the basic installation of but need additional ongoing support for more complex functionalities that are more iterative in nature.

Purpose of Inner Architect-Red Cote Consulting Inc. Partnership

There are many advantages to our partnership with Red Cote Consulting that all support the purpose of this collaboration: to provide a unique opportunity for businesses to harness social media networks as powerful new channels that produce quantifiable returns on investment.

Inner Architect’s purpose and role in this partnership is to provide Red Cote Consulting clients and partners with services designed to help them understand, implement, and track successful social network campaigns that create positive results. We accomplish these goals offering the following:

  • Businesses with Marketing Staff: we offer comprehensive consulting and training which enable the business to learn how to develop and manage effective social marketing programs from the Salesforce CRM
  • Businesses without In-House Marketing: we offer full prospecting, customer marketing, and content development services provided by seasoned professionals at the fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff.

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