Steve's Lean Turkey Stuffed Peppers

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1 Lb Jenni-O 93/7 Ground Turkey 4 Large Bell Peppers ( Color of choice ) 2 cups of Schwans Frozen Wild Rice Pilaf Or Uncle Bens Ready Rice on Grocery Shelf 1 small can of Tomato Sauce 1/2 tsp Mrs dash garlic and herb spice 1 Tbsp Worcestershire  1 Tbsp Olive Oil Crisco Olive Oil Spray Slice about 1/3 inch of top of pepper removing stem ( save to place back on top ) Remove all seeds and rinse in warm water. Drain on paper towel Brown Ground Turkey in Large skillet ( spray skillet with Olive oil spray) on Med High Heat,  lightly sprinkle Mrs Dash continue to chop and turn while cooking til completely brown 12-15 min Drain Ground Turkey in Colander let cool for 10min  in Separate skillet add Olive Oil and Cook Rice On med til done. Remove from stove. Pre-Heat Oven for 350 degrees Add Rice, Ground Turkey, Worcestershire and Tomato Sauce to mixing bowl. Stir together until blended evenly. Stuff each pepper, place pepper tops back on peppers. In a casserole baking dish ( spray with olive oil spray ) place peppers standing up-right uncovered. Bake for 45 min.  Each pepper is apron 295 cal  good balance of low fat, low carb and just enough protein Enjoy!


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