How Do I Know I am Buying Good Carpet?

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Buying good carpet starts with knowing that the sales people will often try to offer you a run down of the type of carpeting they carry in the store. Often you will hear lots of references to problems like stains, shredding, and wear. When you understand what has actually been said you will become a much savvier carpeting shopper.


In order to be assured that you are buying good carpet you might want to take a friend, partner, or even a parent with you. Consumer research has proven that people who are pairs or small groups are treated with more respect through honesty. Individual shoppers, regardless of the product intended, are often considered targets by sales people.


It is completely possible to get excellent carpeting for a lot less than you might imagine. Anti-static, anti-microbial, anti-stain, and anti-wear are very popular features. Naturally, families want to encourage as little wear and tear as possible on the carpeting. Having to replace your new purchase too soon is going to be unfortunate. Do not think that just because there is a reference to longer wearing or anti-microbial features that this is really true. There is a very big difference between the terms "anti" and "resistant."


Just because a material is resistant to static, microbes, or stains that does not mean that it will wear out any slower than most carpeting. This is just a simple play on words to get you to believe that you are getting a really great deal. Carpeting that is anti-stain, anti-wear, and anti-microbial will explicitly state these features.


You should also consider whether the use of fluffing is actually a reasonable tactic or if it is selling you an illusion. Fluffing refers to giving the carpeting a much fuller look. These are also the rugs that will leave small lint balls all over the place. Most people believe that fluffing is simply a term that means that cosmetically it was necessary. If this is the case then it is not likely to hold together well in your home.


Buying good carpet that you are satisfied with and that lasts a long time is really just the beginning. Once you start to catch on to how words are being phrased you will start to recognize the careful selection of phrases that are tossed into a conversation to make it seem like the product is better than it really is. Whether jargon is used or you can simply tell that you are being talked down to you can learn to distinguish the real deal from the poor quality product with little effort.

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