Springfield MA and LongMeadow MA looking for an AGENT for REO/BPOS -3 properties immediate many more to come!

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November 26, 2011
HMC (Hidden)
Springfield, MA
Single Family
$200k to $300k
Personal Referral

CURRENTLY HAVE 3 SINGLE FAMILIES I NEED AN AGENT FOR! Looking for an REO/ BPO agent who would like to work for an investment firm/client of mine. This would entail initial BPO ( for free its 25 minutes of work) for the client to bid on the pools. If pool is won the BPO property would become your listing for 5 or 6% ( depends on list price) commission. This listing would be yours and worked through me to client. Very high success rate with this client.VERY EASY SELLER TO WORK WITH as far as REO/CORPORATE investors go. THERE is currently THREE single families that need immediate assistance...in nice areas!
Experienced in quick BPO values, REO sales, professional short sales ONLY.
Need BPOs by Tuesday of this week.

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