Are you a screamer?

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Are you a screamer? 

 Are you a screamer

This question goes out to everyone looking to buy or sell a house.  Every transaction with either a buyer or a seller will come into situations where there are time line to be met with, decisions where you will need to make an important decision on the spot, having to know what is the next step in the process, and on and on.
When buying a house you will need to make decisions that are important to where you want to live, what kind of mortgage are you going to get -- there are several loan programs to choose from, How much you have to put as a down payment, how and where you can receive money as "gift money" to help with the down payment and or closing costs, how to fill out the paperwork properly -- a mistake in the paperwork can cost you thousands of dollars more than you wanted to buy the house for, what inspections to have done to the house that you are going to buy, where to find a title company/real estate attorney, what time frame is needed before you can move in, and on and on.
When selling a house you will need to make decisions that are important to where you want to move to after you sell you property, how you are going to position your house on the market with price, marketing, staging you house to look the best for what area your in, how and when buyers can come look at your home, providing a Seller Disclosure for potential buyers to look at and observe what the history of the house is-- this is one of the most important aspects of selling a house, if anyone lies on it or withholds information that can lead to lawsuits from the buyer, looking at the numbers to make sure you can sell your house without being upside down, knowing what to do if you are upside down on your mortgage, and on and on. 

Buying and selling property is hard work.  That is why hiring a real estate agent is so important to everyone looking to buy and sell property.  We as real estate agents know the laws, rules, regulations, how to fill out the paperwork correctly, best price postition to help buyers and sellers, marketing, the steps nessarry to keep the process going smoothly and on and on.
Hiring a local real estate to handle your biggest asset is the smartest thing anyone looking to buy or sell a house can do. 
So instead of being a screamer, moaner or even just the silent type having to deal with all the stress is not worth the aggravation. 
It's important that things are done correctly, in the right order and to deal with ALL the negotiations so YOU as the buyer or seller can go through the process stress free. Those who try to do it on their own end up with stress levels way above normal (which can lead to heart attacks, anxiety attacks, and other health problems), end up in court due to not following proper procedure or not filling out and filing the paperwork correctly, not getting the right inspections done to a house, and on and on.  All this can and usually ends up making people wanna snap out, argue with their spouses, kids and co workers, sleepless nights and just screaming for it all to be over....
Or are you going to do the right thing and let us professionals handle it for you when buying or selling a house and make your life much more pleasant during this time of your life? 

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Great information Steve! Thank you for sharing!

Nov 28, 2011 01:41 PM