Building long-term wealth through home ownership

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Why do I keep talking about sound financial decisions- when you are thinking of a home buying decision!

If you notice the tone of many of my articles you will note that I am a firm believer in viewing your home purchase or investment in rental real estate as one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make. Yes, your home is your castle. Yes, it can turn into the family home of childhood memories. And yes, it can end up as one of the biggest assets in your retirement portfolio...... Read the article at www.realtyandamortgage/blog

Buying a home, or investment property, is a great way to build long-term wealth.

But there are some other important dividends, too.

Procrastinating Buyers may loose …. Procrastinated Sellers may have lost something.

Homes are, in fact a great investment today. On average, the value of a home, your home or investment property, nearly doubles every 10 years. 

So, this is the first of about five articles. Stay tuned….Next on the agenda is:

  1. The average home owner has 36 times the wealth of the average renter!
  2. The facts of the Seattle real estate market.
    1. Increased inventory benefits YOU, TODAY!
    2. Mortgage interest rates
    3. Increased mortgage restrictions and what does it mean to you?
    4. What’s happening with vacancy rates and how can you benefit?
    5. The impact of increased foreclosures can benefit you! Find out how! 

Read the article at www.realtyandamortgage/blog 


So, here’s the crass commercial plug:

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