What I said did NOT EQUAL what they heard!! Yikes!!

Managing Real Estate Broker

I went to a listing appointment with my usual exuberance and quite confident that I had something to offer the customer. I think I had already thought about how exciting it would be to have a listing on that end of the beach.  Much like the childhood game where you start with a word at the beginning of a circle and it comes out all messed up somehow what came out of my mouth did not make it quite correctly to their ears.


The complex was an old one in good condition and without the array of amenities and the location to Pier Park that the majority of our customers are looking for. It did have a great location with quiet beaches, great restaurants and low density all of which appeals to certain customers. Another plus was the large unit would be a great price for someone giving a big bang for you buck.  As I usually do I pointed out the things we had going for us as well as our challenges and the reality of where we needed to be priced. 


At this point I am still sitting on the edge of excitement and quite proud of my Market Analysis ( which is hard to do with Innovia... another whole story) and my long list of what we do at Beachy Beach to advertise as well as our innovative internet shows.  I was quite proud and still dreaming of the listing when the encounter went way south.


The customer recited back to me, "So What I hear you saying is that we really are just **^)& out of luck and have no hope of selling this condo"  Oh my goodness that is not at all what I said so needless to say all attempts of explaining could not untangle the tangle that had transpired.  As I left I did not have the usual bounce in my step and was shaking my head trying to figure out what went wrong.


Thankfully as life has it a dear precious Realtor Friend got the listing and they will be blessed by their experience with him.  I also had the good fortune of talking to him and although our presentations were very identical something got lost in the receiving of the message. By getting his feedback hopefully next time I go hopping and skipping to that end of the beach.... I can come back hopping and skipping with a different outcome.


Although that was not the outcome I had hoped for I do know if I keep striving to be of service to all of my customers and fellow Realtors there will be many blessings along the way.... they just may not be in the form or the place that I imagine.  I am so grateful that I am in a career that I love with people that I love so I will just be grateful and just keep on hopping and skipping no matter the circumstance.

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Margaret Woda
Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. - Crofton, MD
Maryland Real Estate & Military Relocation

Perhaps these sellers had an opportunity to digest what you said by the time REALTOR #2 said essentially the same thing. 

Nov 29, 2011 12:34 AM
Sheila Anderson
Referral Group Incorporated - East Brunswick, NJ
The Real Estate Whisperer Who Listens 732-715-1133

Good morning Karen. I don't get it? Maybe you left something out and they were taken back by what they regarded as your negative approach. Oh well...

Nov 29, 2011 01:01 AM