Is Your House 'Green'?

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For a friendly atmosphere that is reminiscent of nature, use green in your home decorating. It is a color that can be either warm or cool depending on whether there is more yellow or blue in the mix. Some researchers have found that green can help to improve your reading ability. Supposedly, by laying a transparent sheet of green paper over your reading material will increase reading speed and comprehension.

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Western meanings of green:

  • nature
  • serenity
  • hope
  • wealth
  • safety
  • peace
  • security
  • envy
  • passivity

In Feng Shui, green stands for:

  • harmony
  • tranquility
  • restfulness
  • health
  • good luck
  • infertility
  • envy

Green can stand for optimism, freedom and balance. It's negatives are jealousy and deceit. Use green in therapy rooms, conservatories and bathrooms. Pale green can give an unflattering tint to your skin so be careful when using it in rooms where you entertain often. Feng Shui principles say that to keep conflicts to a minimum, don't use it in the family room, play rooms or your study.

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There are unlimited variations of green and it can be mixed in with any other color on the color wheel. Keep in mind whether your chosen green is more yellow or blue when deciding on a secondary color to use with it. Combine green with black and white for a fresh, vibrant palette.

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Using pink and green in their bright versions can be overwhelming, so mix in a lot of white or think about using them in their softer or pastel tints. Muted shades of green give a natural feel and brighter shades feel fresh and cheerful.

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Green and blue are close together on the color wheel and can be very harmonious when used together in a room. For drama use deeper shades of green and purple. For the most dramatic color scheme use green and red. It won't look like Christmas as long as you vary the shades of each color and don't use them in hues of equal intensity. That can cause a strobe-light effect on your eyes.

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There are no limits to the use of green in decorating. It can be a neutral background or the main color in your space. From pale tints to dark and moody shades you can find a green that will make your home a relaxing haven even if you only bring it in by way of plants!

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