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Sometimes the world of real estate can be confusing for buyers.  Sometimes there are so many options it's difficult to understand who to call,  when to call them and why.  Sometimes you're driving down the street in Avalon Park or Windermere or your desired location and low and behold is the "perfect home" for you.  Perfect HomeYour agent has stressed to you that if you have ANY real estate questions at all that you call her.  She has stressed that if you call another agent that you may lose your representation.   The hard part is you heard through the grapevine that your agent is taking a day off and you hate to bother her.  YIKES!!!!  Don't dial the number on that sign.  If you can't make your fingers not dial it.....first words you say need to be:  "I'm working with a real estate agent".  If you don't say those magic words and let the agent who answers the phone know that right up front, you can lose your representation by the agent that has been working on helping you find the perfect home for months on end.  Even if your agent is on vacation in Guatemala she wants you to call her.  If she can't get the information you need immediately, she will get it to you asap, via whatever method she needs to and you will remain represented throughout the entire process.  

Why say you???  Three good reasons to use my advice:

  1. Working with your own buyers agent will help you find, offer and negotiate the price on the best homes for you in your price range and location of choice. 
  2. Working with your own buyers agent will avoid confusion and competition between multiple agents whom you may or may not want to represent you.  Even in areas where dual agency is allowed it is difficult to have a relationship that remains transparent with the seller and buyer for the same property.
  3. Working with your own buyers agent will save you time and help you focus on that perfect home, community, school district that is the dream you have been having since you began your home search (with your buyers agents help, direction and expertise) based on all of the information you've shared with her since you began your search. 

I wish you good luck with your home search.  Remember to call your agent.  I know that she's here to help!

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