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Michigan Annuities   Maury Davis, Certified insurance Counselor, 989-220-6157, Vice President of Future Insurance Agency, Saginaw, Michigan.
I just read this great article"Retirees need fewer stocks, more annuities" in Market Watch about the danger of retirees outliving their income if the majority of their assets are invested in the equities such as stocks, and mutual funds. 
An annuity is a safe investment vehicle that has the ability to systematically distribute the assets of the investment on the basis chosen by the "annuitant", who is the contract owner. Mchigan Annuities are sold by Life Insurance companies which are extreme safe havens for investment money.
Michigan AnnuitiesThe absolute guarantee of Michigan Annuities makes this the safest and best place to put most of your money when you retire. Michigan Annuites are a financial instrument that can be set to pay out a guaranteed, systematic amount at regular intervals, when you are ready to receive retirement income on your investment money. 
There are many options, but the idea, in this article, is to set the payout at the "lifetime" option. (There are many options, even with this choice, so call me if you have questions)
Michigan Annuities absolutely guarantees that you will not outlive your investment income. In addition, your money earns interest while it is with the company.
When you are ready to retire, you simply transfer your stocks, mutual funds, 401K, etc... into an immediate annuity, and the annuity starts paying out your selected income amount on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
If your investments are already in Michigan Annuities, (a great, safe choice by the way) then you simply choose to "annuitize" the contract using the same options above. 
You just can't go wrong with the safety, and guarantees of Michigan Annuities.

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