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How’s your referral business?


Here’s the situation:

Most business owners and sales professionals, just like yourself, know that you will absolutely lose business if you are not in contact with your customers on a regular basis.

It’s a documented fact.

The average organization loses 15 – 35% of its customers each year, primarily due to not being attentive. Just ask yourself, “Do most of my efforts go into trying to get new customers – while my existing customers drift off to the competition?”

We all have good intentions for personal communication with our clients and customers, but we’re busy! We just can’t seem to find the time.

What’s the cost?

It costs you unnecessary effort to gain new customers just to replace the ones who are leaving you at an alarming rate. It costs you time and money on new campaigns to draw in new customers over and over again. It not only costs you a lost stream of profits coming in from otherwise long-term loyal clients, but it also costs you personally in not having the joy and satisfaction of knowing that you have developed a faithful following who are enthusiastically sending you Referrals on a regular basis.

And, it can cost you the absolute pain of struggling with cold-calling or using expensive traditional marketing strategies, all the while knowing that your business would grow so much faster through Referrals

What’s the solution?

One important key to receiving lots of business Referrals is to have a ‘keep-in-touch system’ that will turn your existing customers and associates into “Raving Fans.”

Lots of businesses are currently retaining customers only because the customer’s expectations are so low, and quite frankly, because no one else is doing any better. But just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore.

Today, if you really want to create a booming business, you must create “Raving Fans.” Turning a customer into a “Raving Fan” means that they feel valued and appreciated. Not only do they love doing business with you – they also go out of their way to send you their friends and associates as Referrals.

 What if you had a system that would help you turn prospects into customers, and have your current clients referring people to you?

What if it built your relationships and touched their hearts in a way no other system could? 

What if it guaranteed you would ‘Stand Out from the Crowd’ in the most positive way?

What if it actually turned your Customers into referral Evangelists?



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