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Kids Say the Darndest Things....

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I have a lot of fun showing houses, usually.   Although it’s a stressful time for buyers, I try to make sure they enjoy the process.  This is much easier when buyers bring their children.  If I were selling to them I would be a millionaire!  I’m sure you know what I mean by that.  To the kids, every house is “the one”!  They don’t care if there’s mold in the attic, termite damage, or a crack in the foundation.  They just run through the house claiming the master bedroom as their own and pleading to mom and dad that they should buy this one.   This is a normal occurrence.   However, it’s the times they make you feel like Bill Cosby that are the most memorable.   Here are a couple examples….

I recently started working with a new client.  She called me one night and said she got my name and number from one of her friends.   I helped her friend purchase a home about a year ago.  She explained that she was working with an agent but things just weren’t working out.  The agent was going through something and was never available, nor did she return phone calls.  Anyway, we talked and I took her on as a client.  We went out several times and started negotiating a sale.  Everything was going as well as possible.  The highlight of our search came one Friday night in Mount Vernon.  She was interested in this one house for quite a while and asked if I could show it to her.  It was on very short notice and I was with my girlfriend.  Of course, my buyer said feel free to bring her along.  My buyer was walking around upstairs and her 8 year old son followed me around the downstairs.  He sat down and then it came; one of my most memorable moments as an agent.  He said, “I saw this house with that other lady, but mom said she wasn’t doing a good job and had to fire her.  She said you’re doing a really good job though”.  My girlfriend and I looked at each other and tried our best to hold in the laughter.  I didn’t really need the reassurance, but I was sure glad to know!

The other memorable kids were a set of 3 year old twin girls.  Their mother said every time we met, the girls would say, “Are we going to Tom’s house”?  They thought every house I showed them was mine.  Don’t I wish!  We finally closed on a house and it was time for them to move in.  My buyer sent me an email of a portion of their conversation.  This was on move in day…

Molly: "Is Tom going to be there?"

Mom:  “No, he's not.”

Molly:"Why isn't Tom going to be at his house?"


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