Compelling Newmarket NH Real Estate Propertunity Report November 2011

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Newmarket NH Homes Sold Data

In this study, we will see Newmarket NH homes sold data from January 1 to November 30 for the last four years.  76 homes have sold so far this year and is up over 11% from last years sales at 68.  On average, homes were on the market three weeks longer this year than the average last year.  Click here to see => Newmarket NH Homes For Sale



Newmarket NH Average Sales Price v. Median Sales Price

Median sales price is said to be a better indicator of actual prices rather than average price because average price can be skewed by a single transaction with an extreme low or high sales price.  Median price is the price in the middle of the data with half the sales prices being above and half below.   Click here to see => Newmarket NH Demographics


Newmarket NH Homes Price Trends Equals Propertunity

At the peak of this study, average price was $244,396 in 2008 and has fallen 12% to $216,908 this year.  Median sales price was $240,000 and dipped 11% over the last four years to $213,500.  To see the number of homes sold this year up 11% and prices down 11%, it is easy to see where the Newmarket NH Homes market is going to go.

Here's The Propertunity

Interest rates are at the lowest levels we have ever seen, home prices are lower, and there is a good inventory of homes for sale.  There is no question first time home buyers are driving this market.   Existing home owners are beginning to see the trend too.  They understand that with prices down 11%, they will have to settle for a little less than they would like to sell for.  In return, they see that they will save more on the upgraded home than they will be giving up on the sale of their existing home.  Click here for => Newmarket NH Life

Downside Of This Report

We all know interest rates will be going up.  We just can't say when.  A 1/4 of 1% rise in the interest rate can result in $8,000 less purchase power.  Prices are down, home buyer activity is up, and inventory is good.   Is now a good time to buy Newmarket NH Homes?  YOU BET!!

Financing Your Purchase

Qualifying for a mortgage may not be as hard as you have heard.  There are some great lenders I work with and many of my clients have been able to qualify for zero money down programs and deposits as low as 3.5%.  Some have even qualified for down payment assistance from government programs.  Don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions any time.  My contact information is below.

About the Author:

Marty Patrizi is a full service New Hampshire Realtor at Virtual Homes, Inc. and his emphasis is on "service".  Marty works as a Buyer's Agent and a Listing Agent.  Marty is also a building and renovation Contractor since 1988.  As a buyer's agent, Marty's extensive construction experience puts him ahead of other buyer agents because he has the ability to determine value and costs related to repairs and updates needed.  As a seller's agent, he knows that buyers come from searching on line and how to generate more qualified buyers through maximum exposure of his client's properties on the internet.  Marty can be reached direct at 603-781-4099 or by email

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