Saginaw Life Insurance - Employer provided life insurance, why do I need more?

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Saginaw Life Insurance
Saginaw Life Insurance - Maury Davis, Certified Insurance Counselor, (989)220-6157, Saginaw, Michigan, Vice president, Future insurance Agency.  

Do you have a Saginaw Life Insurance policy provided to you at your place of employment? If you do that's nice, but many people use this form of employee benefit as their sole Life Insurance plan.

If you die while employed by that particular employer, all is well for your surviving family provided the company gave you adequate Saginaw Life Insurance. Some times this is not the case. Many employers will offer only an amount equaling one year's salary for the employee. This is not enough for most families.

Saginaw Life InsuranceIf your employer is generous and offers more Saginaw Life Insurance coverage than the norm, that's great. But you still have to die while working for the company for your family to receive these benefits.

If you change jobs, get laid off, retire, or become disabled; you lose your employer provided life insurance. For a replacement Saginaw Life Insurance policy, you must be insurable. This is where it can go wrong. Hopefully you have not developed high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and many other forms of ailments that are common to the human genus. 

Saginaw Life InsuranceIf you contract these conditions you will pay a lot more for Saginaw Life Insurance coverage, or not be able to purchase a decent Saginaw Life Insurance policy at all.

What can you do to avoid this terrible trap?... purchase a permanent Saginaw Life Insurance policy as your base. The permanent insurance will provide you and your loved ones with the security and cash values that you need to set up a solid financial foundation.

For answers to Saginaw Life Insurance questions, call Maury Davis, CIC or Email me at I aAm Vice President of Future insurance Agency, 5580 Sttate Street, Suite 1, Saginaw, MI 48603. I live and work in Saginaw, but I service the entire state of Michigan for their Life Insurance needs.
Saginaw Life Insurance

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