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Is your tech causing clients to say “what the heck”?

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The world is fast paced with changes being made at the drop of a hat and with the click of a button.  Now more than ever communication is key to lasting relationships with your clients.

Technology is a beautiful thing and has worked wonders for my business in terms of on the go statistics, social connections, mobility, photography, videos, on the go web and search, the list can go on and on.

But are your clients getting the short end of the stick when it comes to that one on one attention you promised in your presentation?  Are all your gadgets that you use to save you time becoming the automated norm in which people communicate? Does sending an automated mass text or email to them and all your other clients count as true communication? What about a facebook message or tagging them in a tweet..Does that count towards the communication credit? NO!

One of the most important aspects of real estate is communication.  It is key in this industry to keep things moving along smoothly and without any misrepresentations or misconceptions.  The more you communicate with your clients about marketing, showings, statistics or even just to say hi, the more comfortable they will feel.  Consistent communication with your clients lets them know that they are not a commission check and you have not forgot their names.  Being able to listen and communicate is what real customer service is about.

Now I am not saying that everytime you have something to say or some update to tell them about you need to go knock on their door or have a conference…No, of course not.  I utilize all forms of communication with my clients.  However, I still give them that personal one on one attention.  Sure I will send an email asking them a question one day and a week later I will call them on the phone or stop by their home.

The point is, do not allow yourself to be swallowed up by all the available automation technology that is out there… From auto blog posts and facebook updates and tweets, to the auto email messages and I have even come in contact with the auto phone update as well.  I am not saying to never use these tools, but use them sparingly and don’t forget your first priority is customer service and client satisfaction, which in my experience relates directly back to solid personal communication.

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Great post! Customer service is key and sometimes we get lost in it. Make sure your clients KNOW YOU, not your automated services!

Dec 27, 2011 10:01 AM