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I had the unfortunate need of a dental specialist in Frisco, Texas, this week.  I don't wish this on anyone else, but most of us will have such a need at some time in our lives.
Frisco Texas DentistMy dental adventure started with a visit to my regular family dentist, Dr. Dominic Nuosce at Frisco Family Dentistry.  I had been having some pain in a tooth.  Dr. Nuosce had warned me on a previous visit that I would eventually need a crown on that tooth. and that the tooth would "talk to me" when it had gone as far as it could.
The tooth started talking to me loud and clear a few days ago.  I got in to see Dr. Nuosce, and he said I needed a ROOT CANAL.  I have never had a ROOT CANAL before, but have heard awful things about them.  Phrases like "I would rather have a root canal than ...(enter something unpleasant) entered my mind."
Dr. Nuosce referred me to a dental specialist in Frisco, Texas, for the root canal. 
I saw the specialist, Dr. Micah L. Porter, D.D.S. of The Endodonic Group, Inc. yesterday.  I told Dr. Porter I had never had a root canal before, but had always heard it was one of the most painful experiences possible for mankind.  He laughed, and told me I would hardly feel any pain at all.
An hour later, Dr. Porter had finished the root canal, and sent me on my way with a packet of prescription strength Motrin to take every 6 hours for 24 hours.  I was surprised that the worst part of the procedure was the injections to numb the area, and those were not bad at all.  Dr. Porter told me if I experienced any unusual pain to call him anytime, day or night.  That was comforting.
A couple of hours later, after the numbing agent had worn off, there was NO PAIN.  I even accepted a dinner invitation from friends, and was able to enjoy the evening. 
Now, a day later, there is still no pain.  I have conquered a major fear in my life - the once dreaded root canal.
Although I hope I will never need to see a dental specialist in Frisco, Texas, again, if I do, I know an endodontist who will take great care of me - Dr. Micah L. Porter, D.D.S., of The Endodonic Group, Inc. in Frisco, Texas.
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Erna Neal
The Viking Team, Realty - Winter Park, FL
A Knowledgable Central Florida Realtor

Hi Gary, root canals are a dreaded experience, glad to hear that you are now pain free and doing well. Hope you don't have any more in your future.

Dec 03, 2011 04:59 AM
Mike Lintro

Finding a new dentist isn't as hard as people say, thanks to the internet. However, it is still near impossible for me, thanks to my 8 year old son. He is the final test for deciding if a dentist is "good" or "bad". For him, I think it has to do with how good the toys are in the waiting room. The hunt will start again next week, when we move to another state. I will probably do some research on the area to find the best dentist. I might even call around to see how good their toys are. It might make for some good conversation. Especially following a questions about root canals.

Nov 15, 2014 12:59 AM