Oldest Neighborhood of San Antonio King Williams Historical District

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Kings Williams District Homes for Slae in San Antonio TexasOne of the brightest points of San Antonio is the fact that many of the neighborhoods in the city have been around since the 1800’s, representing great historical significance throughout that residents seem to enjoy the most. The older houses and classic style architecture that take the styles of Old Texas and the Spaniard trends that were once prominent in the area.

Lavaca is actually the oldest neighborhood of the city, and is found within the King William Historical District, with beginnings during the 1870’s. The neighborhood of Lavaca is well-known for homes that are built with the 19th century style of vernacular architecture, which were originally built by families of working class stature in the area during the earliest years.

The charming history of Lavaca includes residents who were shopkeepers, tailors, teamsters, and other working class trades men and women, who took their time building one story homes, with a few 2 story homes mixed in as well. The houses take on the design of stone, Victorian Cottage, and even Craftsman style architecture, which gives residents today something special to enjoy of the neighborhood and life within.

Take your own tour through Lavaca so you, yourself, can see the great history of the neighborhood through each of its lovely homes.


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