Michigan Life Insurance - Do you have less than perfect health? Are you afraid to apply for life insurance?

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Michigan Life Insurance
Michigan Life Insurance,  Maury Davis, Certified Insurance Counselor, (989)220-6157, Vice President of Future Insurance Agency, Saginaw, Michigan.
Do you have less than perfect health? Are you afraid to apply for life insurance?
Don't be. I have seen many people who are actually afraid to apply for Michigan  Life Insurancebecause they are overweight or have health issues. 
In most cases these people were issued a  policy with way better rates than even I expected.
If you feel you are too overweight or in too poor of health to get a Michigan Life Insurance policy at an affordable rate, then you need to set your mind at ease. In another article that I posted on this Blog, I lay out the 5 steps to obtaining the best possible health status with my Michigan Life Insurance companies. 

Consider this:
1. It costs you nothing to apply to me for a Michigan Life Insurance policy. You can submit an application with me in person or over the phone with NO MONEY DOWN.
2. You will get a free medical para medical examination at your home, office, or any location you choose.
3. You may discover a medical condition that you were unaware of.
4. If the Michigan Life Insurance premium comes back higher than what you can afford, you can lower coverage to get the desired rate before you start paying premiums.
5. You can decline the policy altogether if the premium is not exactly what you would like it to be. 
6. Most people are very surprised to find out how much coverage they can buy to fit their particular budget.
7. The longer you wait to apply, the more Michigan Life Insurance costs.
8. Submitting an application is so QUICK, & EASY with my companies.
Michigan Life Insurance

So don't wait. Apply now for a Michigan Life Insurance policy with me. You have absolutely no obligation and nothing to lose. You and your family have everything to gain. 
Call me, Maury Davis, CIC, at 989-220-6157, or email me at maury@lifeinsurancemi.com. I can answer general questions, quote different Michigan Life Insurance plans, and even take your phone/email application in minutes.

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