2011 December Blogging Challenge:Make This December The BEST Month of Your Life!!!

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I have started December by PLANNING What I want in 2012!

I've shared with you often that I believe visualization is the first step to getting what you want. The most successful people indicate they spend a little time (and 5 or 10 minutes IS enough!) each day visualizing their perfect outcomes. When you do this, you are programming your subconscious mind to look for the synchronicities and opportunities to take you closer to your vision. For me, it's worked in many little ways...just visualizing before a speech or class that people were happy and got value or visualizing my day as wonderful in the morning and having it be so! It's also worked in big ways: I have an iPad and the house of my dreams that both appeared through clear intention!

  1. Now, don't get me wrong. I am not saying just having the vision is going to magically manifest what you want (tho sometimes it does!). What I am saying is the visualization is the 1st step. As I am working with people on their 2012 Business Plans... this is where we start... I also always suggest a Destiny Display (Or Vision Board ) to give you something to look at regularly to remind you of what you want.(Easy to make with posterboard and magazine pictures or Also... a very cool F*R*E*E Vision Board on Mike Dooley's siteThe OrangePeel Vision Board you can use both on your computer and as a print out!!! And a simple My Vision in Progress Box that is portable with strong magnets!)

After your vision is clear, then taking baby steps regularly in the direction of anything and all things that could get you closer are necessary. I call this "stirring up the cosmic dust!" Showing the universe you are serious and are going to do your part, but also trusting that the powers greater than your mind, can summon surprises and happenings you could never imagine! I've been known to run out of patience in this part, wanting to see results really fast, but I am surely but slowly learning if I have a clear vision and take steps toward it, things WILL unfold wonderfully.

So...Your Challenge, if you choose to accept it...

We have 1 more month left in the year. What if it was the most perfect month ever? What if you had no restraints and could afford to do whatever you REALLY wanted... and you had the time to do everything that would make it perfect...


That's my challenge... write down what a perfect month would be:

  • Who would you hang out with?
  • What would you do?
  • What would you read?
  • Where would you go?
  • Where would you be living?

Well, hopefully, you get the idea and will add the things that would make it ideal for you. And.... NO... I don't want you to just read this and give it a little thought... I want you to WRITE IT DOWN. Shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes. I'll wait...

Got it? Okay... cool.

Now, look at all the items you have written.

What are you waiting for? What could you easily do this month? Are there some items you could get a tiny taste of? (if you wanted a new car-could you go to the dealer and test drive, or rent one for the weekend?)

The challenge is to bring more joy into the coming month. Visualize how it would look and the every day, include something that adds a little joy (or tying in with my 2011 theme...something delicious!)

Maybe once you do this for December, I'm hoping you'll like it and get the hang of it and use it for planning your best year ever in 2012! You do deserve it!

What are you waiting for?

Make Today Delicious!
It IS up to YOU!!!!


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Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400
HomeRome Realty 410-530-2400 - Pikesville, MD
Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome
Wonderful visualization exercise. I know you have made it happen for you. So happy for you! Margaret
Dec 03, 2011 08:35 AM
Brian Madigan
RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage (Toronto) - Toronto, ON
LL.B., Broker


Since people and family are a large part of it, this is a particularly good month with all the holidays and get-togethers.


Dec 03, 2011 01:06 PM
Joeann Fossland
Advantage Solutions Group - Tucson, AZ
Master Certified Coach to Motivated Agents

Thanks Margaret! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season...I know you are good at visualizing and manifesting too!!!

Brian! You are SOOO Right and shouldn't thaqt really be the case for all 12 months in terms of priorities?

Dec 04, 2011 04:02 AM
Maggie McFarland
RE/MAX Pearland - Maggie McFarland - Pearland, TX
Pearland Realtor, Homes for Sale in Pearland Texas

Great post Joeann! Thank you very much for sharing. Have a fantastic week!

Dec 04, 2011 02:05 PM