Conjoined Twins

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In many ways Realtors and Home Inspectors are like conjoined twins. We are joined together whether we like it or not, and lets be brutally honest even if we don't always like one another we have to find a way to tolerate one another and get along.

There are many on both sides who would argue that point but until such time as property is no longer being bought or sold with the assistance or Realtors or properties that are being traded no longer need inspection we have no option but to tolerate one another as best we can.

Are all Realtors created equal, no, of course not. The same goes for Home Inspectors. It matters not what profession you are in, there are good and bad in every one.

Often times I will refer to people in the Real Estate profession as "used house salesman" because not every Realtor puts the needs of the client first.

There are some who bring shame and distrust to the Realty profession because they are unethical and forget about their fiduciary duty because of laziness and/or greed.

Home Inspectors are not all saints either, and I am constantly butting heads with those that disgrace our honorable profession for one reason or another.

What needs to happen is that we both need to do what is in the best interests of the clients. We both have a fiduciary duty to do what is in the best interests of our clients, and when we do that we all win.