Does Your Home Have the 'Blues'?

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Blue is cool and soothing to the senses. It is a difficult hue to mix and the color can vary under different types of lighting. Blue is also affected by the material it colors. Be careful which shade or tint you choose because blue can feel somber or cold.

The Western 'blues' are:

  • honesty
  • truth
  • loyalty
  • masculinity
  • formality
  • repose
  • tranquility
  • sobriety
  • sky
  • depth of sea

The Feng Shui 'blues' are:

  • peacefulness
  • soothing
  • spiritual
  • contemplation
  • patient

The positive attributes of blue are trust, faithfulness and stability. It's negatives are suspicion and melancholy. Blue is good for use in meditation or therapy rooms and bedrooms.

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Try to stay away from using blue in the dining room since it has a tendency to suppress appetite. When blue is used in family rooms, its peaceful and calming nature can dampen family gatherings. If you paint your study or office blue, it can be too soothing to the senses so that not much work gets done. (normally I would put an example of blue office decorating here, but I couldn't find a picture!)

Like many people, I love blue and white porcelain accents and I have them in every room in my home. The plate above is my favorite right now.

When blue is used as an accent, it can help calm other colors that are too active such as red and orange. Blue is the most popular color chosen for homes here in the U.S. and in these times we might benefit from adding in some happy colors for warmth and cheer.

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Since blue is a cool color, it can seem to lower the temperature in whatever room it is used. If you have a room that gets too warm during the day, try painting it blue to make it at least appear cooler to the eye.

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Have fun with it! Navy blue makes a great neutral and can be used in conjunction with any color. Just make sure that the undertones of the colors you choose match. By this I mean that the when color is mixed, more than one color is used to get the shade that you want just right. These other colors change the tone of the base color and can look funny when up against one that has a different undertone. This is why some hues look more yellow, or some more green and even more pink or purple than others.

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Adrian Willanger
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Christina, I see it'all about the right application in the right place. What a difference when it's done correctly.



Dec 05, 2011 05:07 AM
Christina Rodriguez
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Hi Adrian! Application really does make a difference! Realizing how color can affect you helps in your choices and creates a home that will transform your life

Dec 05, 2011 06:21 AM