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Has negotiating real estate deals become more challenging?  I read an article that about 10% more buyers are cancelling over last year.  Sellers are feeling like they are giving, giving, giving and buyers are taking advantage of their giving.  So, where do we go from here?  We believe that knowledge is power.   So, let's educate our clients of the reality of the present real estate market.  We all have "good old days" stories.  We all have memories of how it used to be.  However; the times have changed.  Buyer and Sellers are more educated than they used to be because they ask alot more questions and this thing called the internet gives them more information.  Our job as Realtors is to take the emotion out of the transaction, while still understanding & empathizing with them. We are able to present facts, see the big picture and forsee any large obstacals in the way of closing.

Buyers and sellers need to be educated about the current market conditions.  What was is no longer and what is - well, it is what it is!  They need to know about the comps and the competition in area.   Take your time to really listen and understand your clients "needs" vs. their "wants". Taking this time to determine also their fears, motivations and aspirations can help provide for a stronger foundation for your negotiations.  Clients without strong alternatives may need to accept they may have to sacrifice more during negotiations. 

When negotiating an offer allow your creativity to flow.  You may have alternatives that can satisfy your clients needs and still reach the goal of selling the home or succeeding on an acceptable offer.

Negotiating deals today can reach its high levels of emotions and can get pretty tense.  A degree of sensitivity can be beneficial when dealing with fears of the buyers and sellers who are feeling trapped and powerless.  Being aware of the points of view from both parties you can bring more understanding to a deal. Forget about resentment and anger - set them aside and realistically see if some of the perspective of the offer is warranted.  Is the house really worth that "low" offer?  Maybe the seller has been over-priced??  Also....If a seller accepts a lower offer, educate the buyers that this does not mean the sellers will continue to give.

Giving Strength to the offer - Being understanding and having patience - Creativity  - are all part of negotiating contracts.  If you have these qualities as an agent - pride yourself on standing apart as an expert, as a professional.


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