Katy Real Estate News - The Mimosa of Real Estate

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Katy Real Estate News - The Mimosa of Real Estate

By Katy Real Estate Agent - Timothy Sojka

The Mimosa is a very interesting cocktail, part champagne and part orange juice, part morning sunshine and part evening elegance.   Mimosas are often seen at weddings.  However, they may be best known as tool to brush off the hair of the dog from a rough night before.  The drink can be invigorating or calming depending on the use.

Special homes often have many of the benefits of a Mimosa.  Residing in Woods Edge on Mimosa Lane, this home easily fits the bell.  This is truly one part morning sunshine.  Outside, guest will be bedazzled by the rolling landscape and towering trees.  In the crisp morning air any guest could not help but be rejuvenated.  Inside is truly one part  evening elegance.  This home has been stylishly and lovingly remodeled.  Designer touches that one would expect in a New York high rise can be seen inside this beauty.  Like the drink, the most beautiful combination is when these two ingredients are combined.  Stand inside this stunning home and look out the huge windows to see the unbelievable natural landscape that only God could create.

The similarities to the Mimosa do not stop their.  Mimosas are often served at weddings.  This home, with the elegant barn and landscaping that only God can supply would make a wonderful location for as wedding or banquets.  However, the strongest similarity is easily the fact that this home, like the drink, is the perfect elixir to brush off the hair of the dog after a rough day.  The owners can walk the property and feel the challenges of the day just wash away.

The drink can be calming and invigoration.  However, the drink has nothing on this stunning home.  The home resides on a street called Mimosa after all.

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