The thoughts and view from my dog's eyes. Chance wins either way

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Earlier today I listened to the radio on myway home from my listing appointment. My dog Chance sitting behind me with his head on the arm rest looking ahead out the window. Nothing gets his attention when he is resting. Well, perhaps nothing but a cookie, or the smell of pizza.

I was fortunate to acquire Chance. When my brother Jeff called me after my late golden lab Abby pasted on and informed me that he knew a couple that was getting rid of him. It seems that Chance was purchased with the idea of being a bird dog for hunting. It did not take long to realize that Chance was "gun shy" and they were going to put him down. My brother compelled to not see a beautiful animal such as Chance meet such an unnecessary demise, and certainly such a sad ending to a genuinely healthy dog's life, thought I should take him for a couple days to see if he and I could bond. It was love at first sight.

To know Chance is to know how he likes to sit in the Sun. If he is not sitting in his favorite spot by the living room window with the sun blanketing his canine napping stance, he is outside between his favorite hedges, sun beading down on him with Chance putting himself in the job of watching life go by on the street; bicycles,walkers, cars, children, habitat. he maintains his role in the neighborhood.

In warm weather I am fortunate that every neighbor, near and far, have adopted him. If only for a brief moment at times. A picture of his morning ritual might be, and most likely is to the best of my observations, Chance asking to go out in the morning initiated by a gentle woof. He will go out on the blacktop driveway, getting his game plan down. After a brief helping of the warm morning sun warming him up further, he then decides to start out on his early morning routine carefully timed not to miss anyone. He starts by doing his duty in the yard, calmly walking down the driveway and commencing to the next door neighbor's home. The young girl next door does not have any pets, so he always has a grand reception of left overs from their dinner table the night before, and being the sweet child she is she makes sure he gets a desert. Most likely a cookie. He proceeds to make his rounds, carefully and methodically, as  to not let the previous caregivers see him as he arrives for his next greeting. The elder woman sees he comes in for a bit, eats something as he works on her with his oh such sad eyes. After he gets his watering and treat there it is on to the next. He will in between destinations stop to visit with his two dog friends that are confined to, of all things, their yard. Upon having sufficient time to animal browse with Sinclair and Sterling he is off once again. To say Chance is like clock work is an understatement. He works his way along with the images of the sun trying to wrestle it's way through the tree branches and limbs. He usually finishes with a walk around the grade school. The children know him well, and further wish that such a cute dog as Chance could be theirs. Coming up the home stretch he then proceeds due east. Mike and Sarah,my next door neighbors to my west will have their black lab puppy play and be educated by Chance. It is at this time that I can see him strolling up the driveway, and taking his position with the vegetation protecting him from any subtle and disturbing wind that might come between him and his well needed nap. It then is a matter of time when he knows that he needs to get up and into my SUV and off to my office and appointments. I work with my son's father Tom, and we work hard at maintaining a friendship that shows in our work life, as well as both of us having a great love for our dogs. I am fortunate that our office is very pet friendly. Tom's dog which I call Mr. Moose is really named Lars. For those of you that have not had the chance to meet this 120 pound gentle giant you can always get an idea of his size and handsome being by seeing him on our website Lars and Chance greet each other,play, and enjoy while the day is formed and takes their business along with them for the day. We are off, Chance and I, and are back to the SUV.

With the colder weather, the other side of the glass of my living room comes more into focus. Chance the golden lab, unlike Lars the "German" German shepherd, switches gear and allows himself to contain his thoughts and exercise new views by positioning himself for the Winter with a alternative plan. It almost is like a light switch going on in his head. He likes to sleep in if he can. Yes, he actually tries to sleep in, and does his best to get me used to a new routine. Up in the morning, a walk around the yard, a brief camouflaging in the bushes and a gentle woof tells me that he wants to come in while i finish putting my make up on.  He does know that he can work me for treats, and at times I actually feel for him that he is being deprived of appointed meals from neighbors. I leave for awhile, run some errands, and comeback to get him for work. Like clock work again, and every single day, he maintains his spot in front of the living room window. He commands a linear view of the street and everything it brings with it. This will take place for months now. Day in and day out the cycle will not be broken. The only noticeable real changes are that Page, the next door girl, will have to bring the treats and leftovers to him. In all due accord, other participants of the neighborhood will come and ask if Chance can have the treats that they came with.

Originally, Chance started as an experiment to see if we could bond and he could fill the gap created by my dear departed  Abby. That was just a brief experiment that could not really be fair to Chance having to fill another part of my heart with my late Abby, but Chance has  carved his own niche permanently into place.

I often take a step back and look at the reception Chance gets with customers and clients, the other brokers that work for Tom, and in general, everyone that Chance comes into contact with. I now think that we adapt to a unique behavior that is employed in our pets. Lars and Tom have presented to plenty of people, and usually Lars is always the favored. Even Tom can look at you and tell you he would not want it any other way. If those two go to Hospitals or rest homes for the elderly you pretty well know that Lars is a hit and the whole day is thus accounted for. Tom may say different, but he is not fooling anyone. Lars  has a fan club.

However, I see the pattern taking place with Chance as well. People stopping into my office to see him. Customers asking if Chance was coming with me to an appointment. Even people asking iof we can take my car so they can have Chance close at hand to pet.

In conclusion, it is not necessarily the behavior and actions of my cute puppy dog that gets me thinking, but rather the picture that develops when everyone knows that I too have a dog that stands out in front of my business practice. Further, from my view, things have changed in the way I used to go oh so fast, and the hurry I created that was not necessary. It is the view from my little Chance's eyes that has changed my perception and thoughts of the little things in life that have a tendency to stand out so much more. If you are ever in my neck of the woods stop by and scratch Chance's ears, and the next time a child  says that their dog said or told them that they wanted to do something, you have to listen to the dog and get their view.

Just another woman in love with her little man

Gail Braatz 

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Jo-Anne Smith
Oakville, ON

Gail, This is a beautiful story. It sounds like Chance found the right home when he found you.

I used to have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever when my sons were small and his name was Chance too. He was the pick of the litter (well, actually he picked me) out of 11 puppies and we named him Chance because we took a 'Chance' on him being the right one. Of course he was....he went on to earn numerous awards in his obedience training and was an absolutely beautiful and wonderful dog.




Nov 05, 2007 10:40 PM