Invest you IRA into North Carolina Real Estate

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In reading the latest investment strategies published by many of the Top Investment firms. The only thing I find in common that every firm agrees on; is its time to find investments to Hedge again the dollar and euro.  Everyone agrees that inflation is almost inevitable. To hedge against inflation investment firms are suggesting to invest in commodities including Gold and Land.  North Carolina Mountain Real Estate offers a great opportunity for investment. 

Investment properties include Rental Properties returning 10 to 15% after all fees are paid to management companies.  In comparison to many IRA accounts this is 5 to 7 times the normal IRA return.  Properties are rented and many of the owners are needing cash now and willing to take a hit on price.  Franklin, North Carolina has a growing economy with Drake Software, Catepiliar, Tektone, and other corporations located there.  The rental market continues to remain stable and in most case rise.  With these factors rentals in Franklin North Carolina continue to be a very popular investment.

One great commercial property with 9.32 acres and a hotel can be bought for $1 million with a guarantee of a 6% return for the next 3 years paid directly to the buyer or investment holder.  This is 3 to 5 times what IRA accounts or CDs are paying. While earning the 6% return the buyer is also making a solid investment in a growing commercial economy.  The property is located on the highest traffic count highway in the far Western Counties of North Carolina.

Mountain lots are another avenue for investing.  Lots that previously sold for $100k, $200k, up to $500k can be bought for around $10k!  Less than 1 penny on the dollar!  Lots are in gated sub divisions and offer fantastic views.  Lots can be bought through IRA's for future investment or pay now and have a solid investment you can use or sell.

If you are buying through an IRA there are several rules to follow.  I have a great Self Directed IRA company that takes care of all the headache and paperwork.  Its as simple as sending your info to them and finding the investment that's right for you.  They even help manage the investment while you own it.  If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to email me at anytime. 

****Benjamin Vanhook nor Mountain Pro are investment firms or give investment advice.  Benjamin Vanhook and Mountain Pro are Real Estate Brokers (Firms) and can help with the buying or selling of property.  Always perform due diligence before making a real estate investment.


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