The Benefits of Creating Your Own TV Channel

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In the past, if you wanted to put your name in front of a truly massive audience, you had to pay someone big bucks. TV, radio and print networks controlled access to their audiences and there weren't many to choose from (for audiences or advertisers). Today, this is no longer the case. The media market has fractured into a million plus little pieces. We're in a new age - the age of micro media or niche media.

With this change from mass media to micro media comes an enormous opportunity for local business owners. Instead of having to pay someone else for access to their (massive) audience, you are free to build your own audience. The technology required to produce TV-quality video is so inexpensive that almost any business can obtain it and we all have near immediate access to the largest audience in the history of the world - the Internet.

Take this local Rockville chiropractor - he has created hours of amazing content and uploaded it to his own TV channel. Instead of just having a website, he has an entire TV channel offering high-quality information to his current and prospective patients - now that's cool! Why not do the same thing for your real estate office? It's far more engaging to view a video of your dream house than to read a blog about it.

What's stopping you?


The ironic part of course, is that the same realtors that were saying they didn't have enough money for TV advertising back in the day are now claiming that they don't have time to create content (or even worse, that they don't know what to put on their channel). I guess some people just can't be helped, but for the enterprising realtor, there's never been a more exciting time to market your business.

Why have your own web TV channel?

One of the biggest benefits is increased SEO. Ranking well organically on Google, Yahoo and Bing requires killer content. Create it and you're setting your business up for long-term SEO success. Sit back and rest and you're asking to get left behind by the pack.

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