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Bellagio Jewelers in Westwood, NJ

Every Thursday in this space, I’ll be featuring my experiences in and around the Pascack Valley. If you’re from the area, you already know there’s a wealth of great businesses and resources to be found here. If you’re not, believe me when I tell you that you have no idea what you’ve been missing all these years. For longtime locals and newcomers alike, I’d like to share some local favorites to support the businesses and towns I love.


All of this brings me, in a roundabout way, to our first business, Westwood’s Bellagio Jewelers. Have you ever had a piece of jewelry for so long and not worn it that you forgot you had it? That happened recently to my husband and I. Not a stash that’d make a pirate blush, mind you, but it occurred to both of us that we might be sitting on a nice chunk of change, given that the price of gold has climbed so high these last few years.


If you’ve watched television at all, you’ve probably been bombarded by commercials from companies large and small offering to buy your unused gold. The thought of packing several pieces in a postage-paid envelope just seems a bit fishy when you think about it, and we’d rather support the businesses in the community as well.


So off we went. The first jeweler we visited (who shall remain nameless) quoted us what seemed like an obscenely low price. We then went to Bellagio Jewelers in Westwood, who quoted us nearly double what the first jeweler had. To be on the safe side, we visited a third jeweler who wasn’t in the Pascack Valley area. As it turned out, we need not have wasted our time; like the first jeweler, the price quoted was half that of Bellagio. To make matters worse, we felt like we needed a shower.


After all that, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we found ourselves back in the cozy confines of Bellagio Jewelers, surrounded by creative and tastefully designed jewelry. You might find it a challenge, as I did, to stay focused on selling when there’s so much beauty on display waiting to be bought; even better, you can have a piece custom-designed. And while we weren’t looking to sell diamonds, I was happy to find out that they have a GIA-certified gemologist on site who can assess diamonds for purchase as well. Bellagio’s service was beyond friendly, their prices fair, and their people honest. They were courteous and trustworthy. After doing business with them, I felt taken care of.


You can find Bellagio Jewelers at 14 Westwood Avenue in Westwood, NJ. Their phone number is (201) 722-1550. They’re closed on Sundays and Mondays, but you can visit Tuesday through Saturday between 10am and 6pm (or until 8 pm on Thursdays).


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