OMGosh - 3 weeks before Christmas

Home Stager with Pacific Coastal Home Staging

Wow, another week of excitement.  Wild winds, no power, and no fires.  However, the flight in the windstorm was crazy, the tail winds were so fast that the plane never stopped shaking.  The temperatures in SoCal are so bad, that in the high desert, the temperature is 16F degrees.  Anyway, it is definitely feeling like a Christmas, the only thing missing is the snow on the beach????  Well anyway, the good news is that the Chirstmas spirit is alive and well.  Tomorrow is 2 hours first thing in the morning at church, wrapping gifts for the less fortunate.  I have just cleaned out one home, donating $1000's of dollars worth of possessions that I have collected over 10 years.  I have now learned that possessions are junk and what really counts is spirit and love.  I always knew that but now I have had the opportunity to experience it.  Thank goodness for charities.  Thank goodness for those youngins that are learning to recycle and reuse, rather than throw away and discard.  Where did we get the idea that everything old was useless and we should just throw it away.  Well, the New Year is around the corner, and I am excited about what it will bring.  Merry Christmas to all.

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