Why The Google +1 Button Is VITAL To Getting Found Online

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How to get found online Google +1By now, most of you have seen the little Google +1 button in your Internet travels on blogs and websites.  Just what is the significance of this little blue button?  It’s kinda like the Facebook “like button” but packs more punch.  It’s blue and it’s different.

Kinda like Nuprin, but it’s a different color.How to get found online

But I digress.   Five words with regard the Google +1 Button:  Get One OnYour Website.

It’s an important part of getting found.

Some months ago, an article appeared online (and disappeared rather quickly) with a headline that was something like “Use Google +1 Or Kiss Your Ranking Goodbye.”  While that’s harsh, there’s a lot of merit to it and I’ll show you why.  While you read this, keep in mind that over 260 million people have Google accounts.

The Google +1 button sits there next to the Facebook “like” button, StumbleUpon button, Reddit button, Digg button, and the other social media sharing buttons on a web page or blog post.  All of those buttons are very valuable in getting your website viewed by a much wider audience and building your following online.  The Google +1 button might just be the most valuable of all, as it can affect where you appear in the search engine results of people who click on it.

The way it works is when a visitor has a Google account and clicks on the +1, it will give them a little message that says “You publicly +1′d this as (their name here).”  From that point forward, whenever they do a search for your kind of business you will rank higher...

To see the screenshots demonstrating how and why this works (and read the rest of the article), visit my website:  How To Get Found Online. As always, if you have questions about SEO and Internet marketing that you want answered give me a call at 717-538-8940.

Comments (4)

Wayne Goss
Keller Williams - Punta Gorda, FL

Hi Mark,

           I just plus one...d  your site. Good Post!...Wayne

Dec 08, 2011 06:41 AM
Mark Boyd
MarQeteer - Lancaster, PA

Thank you so much, Wayne!  I hope you find more information that helps you on my site:)

Dec 08, 2011 07:07 AM
Janell Kittleson
Rentec Direct - Grants Pass, OR
Rentec Direct

Excellent post, Wayne!  Learning something new everyday!  (PS:  +1 is coming your way!)

Dec 09, 2011 10:29 AM
Ann Stefanucci
First Team Real Estate Inc. - Huntington Beach, CA

Thank you so much, Janell!  I hope you find more info you can use on my site.  I've got a followup article explaining how Google Plus fits into the search engine/SEO picture with Google +1:)

Dec 10, 2011 12:30 AM

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