Well Geez...The ONLY thing is...

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Do you know when you show the perfect house and it has everything that the buyer has been asking for but they still seem to find just ONE thing that is not right...I am sure you understand.

 I, like you have been in this real estate business now since 1995 and there is ALWAYS something NOT just perfect...If it not the buyer, it is the seller, if not either it is the BANK and yes, sometimes it is even the HOUSE!

Well a bit like that...I have a system that I use for real estate that has been very good to me...It has given me the cutting edge with EXPIRED listings, FSBO's and NEW PROSPECTS...it has also served as a midnight immediate need to send a sympathy card and ofen a last minute Birthday gift! I am sure by now, you have heard of SendOutCards...if not please allow me just a minute to share...you see they have been almost perfect but had a glitch...however, they just fixed that GLITCH and I am so excited I just have to SHOUT it out and here is one of the best places I can do that! With you...my peeps!

I have been a SendOutCards customer/distributor since October 2007 and have loved the service since the moment I figured it out! All the light bulbs went off immediately for me when I realized I could create a REAL CARD online, have my own HANDWRITING uploaded and my OWN SIGNATURES on my cards...I even loved it more when I realized I could send cards up to three years in advance to my clients, pay for them and BAM - they would mail on a schedule for me...Then last Christmas I created one card and in 4 minutes mailed them out to over 500 people with just a few clicks!

 I could go on and on about all the things I have loved...I could also go on and on about the new additions to the SOC PHOTO STORE that is knocking the socks off of WALMART prices for photo options...We now have fully customizable calendars for 12.99, 21 page hard covered photo books that you customize for 27.99, real Canvas prints ranging from 8x8 to 16 x 20 at great prices. We have the coolest Photo Posters, and DREAM VISION posters for 7.99 and even business cards that you can create from scratch for a DEAL!


But the best new addition beats all I have ever seen...they fixed the only one complaint I have ever had about SendOutCards...Many times I will come across someone that will say....Well geeeeez! The only thing is...I really like to sign my own cards, to stuff them, to address them in my own fancy- dandy handwriting and I love to stick that stamp on there and mail them MYSELF! I am sorry, but I am spoiled to the SOC process but for those that LIKE ALL THAT....GUESS WHAT? SOC NOW has that option for you!


In the new SOCPHOTO store you can create a HOLIDAY CUSTOM 5 x 8 greeting card and they will mail you 50 of the cards, 50 envelopes and you can scribble, stuff, write and stamp all by your little self and the price is CHEAP! 50 custom cards for $31.00!


So, go see for yourself! I would be honored if you were my customer! There is no upfront fee to be a user of the SOC system - just go make a card and see if the system is for you...I think you will be so glad you did!

Happy Card Sending!



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Just a fun stat: SOC has sent 173,408 Greeting cards out in the mail today...some from a persons computer, some created on an IPAD and many from the driveway of an appointment...a card was sent in the mail from an IPhone App in just a matter of seconds....yes...really...it is that cool!






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I think I will be checking it out!


Dec 08, 2011 03:59 PM
Phil Leng
Retired - Kirkland, WA
Phil Leng - Retired

Hi Elizabeth,

The post was a hard core ad, but I read to the end and am impressed.

Thanks for the share...


Dec 08, 2011 04:49 PM
Elizabeth Ward Small
REALTOR & CEO The 3B Method Seminars - Burlington, NC

You know I just re read it and I did not mean it be such a hard core ad but I did want to share how way cool the product really is...I am sure it comes across as a sell this, buy that grab...not intentionally meant to push but by all means if the opportunity door knocks and you hear it...OPEN THE DOOR! Thanks for reading...I am here if you want to blast me, beat me up for selling...real estate is my specialty...SOC just helps me keep my relationships just that...special!

Dec 16, 2011 05:11 PM