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Yesterday was NOT a good day for me. Today, I'm a little ticked about the local newspaper's slant on the tragic shooting of a Virginia Tech police officer who was murdered  in his car in a a parking lot on campus. The gunman then shot himself in another Tech parking lot a few minutes later. The gunman is now reported to have stole a car Wednesday night in nearby Radford and he is not related to the school at all. Here is my letter to the reporter this morning and my daughter's blog post about the events yesterday...


To Peter Frost fo the Daily Press- I am not thrilled with the overall tone of your article today (yes, I know you reported quotes from people) and I’m not sure you fully understand how we feel as Tech alums and as a family of Hokie Nation. I had to be careful in how I answered your questions in that highly emotional time I spoke to you yesterday, but the shock of something like that can cause people to say things that later they may not feel that way, when the facts come out…


First, do not jump to conclusions in future articles involving victims and in getting opinions from people close to the situation. I hate it when reporters who search answers or bait responses that fit their narrative. I’m not saying that’s what you did, but understand that the Virginia Tech situation is unique and the wounds may never heal. As I said yesterday when you called me for a reaction (when it had just happened) we did not have ALL of the information and it was totally unrelated to our massacre in 2007 and has nothing at all to do with a “security problem” at VT. It appears the gunman now had NOTHING to do with the school and the act of violence was totally random. As I said on the phone to you, this never happens at Virginia Tech. There’s been more instances of violence and serious crimes in recent years at ODU and VCU and other campuses in the state of VA.


Reporting it as “oh not again” or “Virginia Tech is not a safe place” can come out of people who are asked the questions soon after it happens as you were doing yesterday. Once the facts are known and reported, anyone can see this was not in fact, a security problem at VT, when it is probably in fact, one of the safest places to be, and the actions by the police on campus helped to minimize any further crime. Please check out my daughter's post from yesterday linked here in hope that it will help you better understand what Hokies are feeling...


2011 day of remembrance, burruss hall

"Keep your heads up: we'll take care of you." -Responding SWAT team officers as they reassured students at Virginia Tech that they are in good hands... As we thank those who risk their lives for our safety, we also pray for the victims and their families through there time of need. God bless our law enforcement as we will prevail: We are Virginia Tech.

The quote above was posted on my son's and daughter's Facebook page today. My daughter, Carly, is a senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in Marketing Management with a minor in Leadership & Social Change. My son, Tyler, is a freshman at Tech majoring in Building Construction.)


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