Economic and Health Advantages of Living In a Warmer Climate

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Many of those living in the Northeast, Northwest and Midwest look to retiring or owning a second home in the Southeast or even Southwest. With chilly winter conditions, it is no wonder residents of cold climates long for warmer weather.

It is also little wonder universities and research organizations have conducted extensive studies into economic and health factors in cold versus warm climates. What has been gained from such empirical research only confirms what we already seem to intuitively know: warmer climates are easier on our wallet and better for our health.

But why are warmer climates more economically friendly and healthier than cold-weather climates?

Economic Advantages of Living In a Warmer Climate:

There are several advantages to living in a warmer climate, opposed to living in a cold-weather climate. Chief among them is the cost of home maintenance. To keep a home inhabitable during the winter months, home owner’s have to turn up the heat. It isn’t cheap to heat a home during a long winter.

Other maintenance costs include insulating against the cold. As winter after winter affects a home, more upkeep is needed. The cost of heating rises significantly when doors, windows, the basement and roof need to be re insulated.

The cost of to maintain personal possessions extends to vehicles. Cars in cold climates are adversely affected by winter weather. Drivers in cold weather climates are all too familiar with the cost of owning a car in such an area.

Warmer climates also mean fewer entertainment expenses. There is no cost to stroll on a beach or take a dip in the water.

Health Advantages of Living In a Warmer Climate:

In addition to economic benefits, living in a warmer climate has significant health advantages--especially for senior citizens.

Warmer climates mean the opportunity to do more for longer periods of time. Unlike cold weather climates, the days are long year-round. Moreover, the spring and summer month “feel” extended over a greater period on the calendar. In warm climates, it isn’t unusual to enjoy mid-70s highs during the fall and temperatures reaching the mid-80s in the spring.

Because people can be outdoors more means more opportunity to exercise and explore. That gives children a lot more room to explore and get out of the house. Senior citizens likewise can enjoy the revitalizing
outdoors just as much.

When you get down to it, people live more productive, fuller lives in warmer climates. And their wallets and health thank them profusely.

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I love the warmer climate! It so much easier on a persons joints without the aches and pains compared to the cold climate. Also, people are able to be more active year round in a warm climate area. 

Great Post

Dec 09, 2011 05:25 AM
Judith Sinnard
SMARTePLANS; Houston, Texas - Houston, TX

You don't need two separate wardrobes ... one of which you also likely need storage space for that is bug/moth proof... you don't shovel snow or carry kitty litter in your trunk to give your tires traction on ice or snow ... you can enjoy your rear patio (and possibly pool/spa) 11 maybe 12 months of the year (vs. 6?).  Can you tell which side of the conversation I'm on?  If 32 deg is freezing and your climate is frequently below freezing ... well, ah, that would mean the pork chops in your freezer are warmer than you are ... NOT my choice!  LOL 

Dec 09, 2011 05:30 AM