If we plant it, will it grow?

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Question to everyone:

     It is very enjoyable to be a part of something that we all enjoy and can live/learn and write about. Everyone's comments are very valuable taking our work to the next level.

Hence my question: If we plant the seed to the Real Estate community, will it grow?

 I have not yet added any associates to my profile, as I am not sure what it represents. I have seen other profiles, and they were "Invited" by a person, which as a newer AR Resident seems pretty cool. I have mentioned to a couple of Real Estate Partners I have about this amazing site, and of course they are all for it and want to get started right away..

      Feeling pretty confident with my networking capabilities another question is: What would you suggest is the best route to proceed with said Real Estate partners?

 I have searched for specefic Real Estate companies in the Twin Cities Metro Area here on AR, and there are not that many Real Estate Agents jumping on board yet. I think this site or sites like it have to be incorporated going forward to Real Estate Agents' continued success. If I invite Real Estate Agents here, is it up to them to market a specific area, and what if we work with more than one agent in the specific area?Beginning of the growth period

Seeds will be planted for future partnerships............




 DAY ONE...........






       Back to seeding: as in real world seed planting, once the seeds are embedded into the soil and watered enough anything may happen right?

This is where I would like you all to let us know the most constructive Positive manner to promote AR to our partners and grow ALL of our business and NOT create any kind of adversarial "Stuff".


We are going to grow........


     Getting our competent word out to our specific markets, partners and consumers seems to be our chore of the day. I for one will continue to now plant seeds each and every day to let everyone know I am here for them. Whenever they decide to act and have a specific need, here I am....      

  Oh my, the seeds are growing DAY SEVEN.......

                                                                       Have you planted enough for your grass to grow??


     It sure is somewhat of a comfort knowing that at any time everyone is "one click away" from gaining almost anything they want or desire. The nice thing we can offer as a whole, is continued watering of our seeds and see things grow. Being a part of successful partnerships, I believe takes hard work and consistency. Do you? 

12 days of growing seeds.. 

 Hard work looks to be paying off quickly






                              DAY THIRTEEN.................




     Going forward; if I may, I think everyone owes it to themselves to "Think Outside of the Box" once in a while.

 Heck, there may be times where you might actually enjoy trying something different, for instance:

 When is the last time you tried a different menu item at your local Restaurant? Exactly! We all seem to get "comfy" with what we do and who we know. 

     Is there a possibility that we can grow together?     

It has grown!! DAY EIGHTEEN.........

The grass is greener right where you are right now. We all just need the right seeds, the right care and watch as things all around and including ourselves....WILL GROW!!!!!

     The above photos are from my damaged lawn this spring (Lovely dogs we have). I have an analogy see if it fits:

     The damaged lawn represents what our current market is perceived by whatever means like the media, foeclosure statistics or declining home values.............

     If we implement "outside of the box" thinking, we will get the best of the market, not the other way around.

      My seeds are hereby planted, I will grow. Would you like to come with?

Thank you for stopping by and have an awesome day/night/week/month/year............LIFE..





Comments (3)

Matt Ratcliffe
Keller Williams Realty Brazos Valley - College Station, TX
That is amazing, I can never get my grass to do that.  I will try that to see if your methods work here.
Nov 06, 2007 08:25 AM
Gail Gladstone
Gladstone Group & Long Island Business Brokerage - Huntington, NY
Brokering Success

Wonderful analogy.  The associations, especially those outside of your market area, are great for referrals.  The AR blogs gives us an opportunity to understand other Realtors' philosophies...associate with those with whom you relate.

Planting seeds?  Marketing is planting seeds.  Our visions and goals...planting seeds.

I like the way you think, Frank Parsons...would you like to associate?

Nov 06, 2007 08:25 AM
Frank Parsons 33rd Company PropertyManage 612-810-3027
33rd Company Property Management - Woodbury, MN

Matt- Thanks and no my grass never did that until this spring. My buddy owns a grass company, and it is one of his new products..

Gail- Thank you for your comment and Yes I'd like to associate. I am not sure yet how it works :)~

Nov 06, 2007 08:35 AM