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well, with a little encouragment from Mona Gersky.  I'm posting before I've read 'the how'... but here's my 2... er $200,000 post.

While google status, facebook post, RSS feeds, tweets and the like give (countless hours) and new meaning to "keeping up appearances", I know that social media can act as a technology pushing individuals apart- behind screens. Texting is so much more efficient than talking- who has time to... t   a   l   k...  anymore (so many emails & blogs to read). Well, much to my delight I've found that because of social media I absolutely delight in the presence (as opposed to the lack thereof) of another person.

What a joy to put a name on living face!  Ah, to witness sweet expression... My interactions with people have become so much more meaningful, so infused with genuine concern and interest. At the grocery store, in line at the bank, meeting realtors, other  homestagers & kids- I crave the interaction- seek it out- spark it. Smiles, smiles are my reward. I went to a play yesterday with my husband & 5 yr old- & we stopped for a slice.

The man behind the counter was unassuming but we struck up a conversation with him anyway. Turns out he'd bought some land & was building his own business. I gave him a referral to a free business coaching service I'm using ... turns out he's buying a house in a few months- my husband (a realtor) explains the loan qualification process & hands him his card and ...oh, and  the rest of his extended family is moving to town in June.

I used to be proud to generate 'a lead' for my husband- but those days are gone. I want this guy- Chris, to be happy, successful and productive. I care about his business, his kids and his life... Will he call my husband? Doesn't matter. We're teaching our daughter how 'to be real' (great song), I'm being true to myself.

That's just a slice, a slice of real life.

I'm going to read the Seven Habits again, something about sharpening the sword.

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Phil Leng
Retired - Kirkland, WA
Phil Leng - Retired

Hi Daryl,

Oh no!

You are talking to people.

ACTUAL people.

This could be dangerous.

It could catch on.

Soon there will be people pulling away from their computers.

Looking at people when they walk, instead of looking down at their phone.

All over the land.

Just look at what you started!


Dec 11, 2011 11:11 PM
Jennifer Robinson
Starkey Mortgage - Where PEOPLE come first! - Montgomery, AL
NMLSR# 190994/AL#50092, Conventional, FHA, VA, Step Up and USDA

That is the truth, Daryl!  I am one of those people that really enjoys "facetime".  It goes a long way and because of the world of technology we live in, I think most people really enjoy a good, old fashioned visit.  

Dec 11, 2011 11:17 PM
Daryl Bright Rosenbaum
Design Results - Wilmington, NC

Hi Phil... let's hope it catches on!

& Jennifer I like your byline "where People Come First"


Have a great day,



Dec 13, 2011 02:24 AM
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Ken's Home Team LLC. - Vancouver, WA

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