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Engaging the children in the home-purchase process should be an important part of any real estate sales strategy.  It should not be underestimated the buying influence of a younger member of the family.  Get the kids on your side and they will be a welcomed assistant when getting the parents to commit.  It is good if the kids like you and trust you.   Ask the kids how they would decorate their room or does the pool look fun.  Why not?  They have to live there too. 

Here are some tips for working with children of buyers and sellers and ensuring they are an asset during the real estate transaction:

1.       Interview the family first.  Find out who they are and what is important to them as a family.   Do they want a big yard?  Playgrounds and schools in the area? 

2.      Point out kid-friendly features.  This could include a teen get-a-way on the 3rd floor, a stream for summer adventures, tree houses etc.. 

3.      Limit the number of houses kids see. Not all parents will go along with this plan, but you can try to show the children the final three or four.  It is tiring to take kids to 12 houses especially with younger children where parents will be easily distracted from the house.  You can suggest a babysitter for children under the age of 6 if there are a lot of houses to see at first.  Than welcome them to the final three or four houses.  Never say you can’t bring the kids!

4.      Show houses with kid appeal.  Kids are looking at a lifestyle to that house.  Kids may like the current owner’s toys or furniture which will in turn have them saying… I like this house Mom and Dad!

5.      Be familiar with kid-friendly restaurants.  Kids want to know their favorite pizza and hamburger food chains are nearby.  Children could deter parents away from a home that does not cater to their favorite foods.  You could take the family out to eat at a nearby favorite restaurant as encouragement.

6.      Know your audience.  Teenagers may want their own bedroom and bathroom away from their parent’s room.  Younger children on the other hand may want to be close to the parent’s room.  Aside from the house, show the families the neighborhood amenities that may draw kids’ interest.  Depending on their age, it could mean a toy store, shopping mall, park with basketball or skating arenas, gyms, movie theaters or ice cream parlors.   Waterfront activities if in an area with water such as jet skiing and boating or marinas.   Be sure to introduce yourself to the children as well as the adults.  Bend down, shake their hands, smile and tell them you are glad they are there. 

7.      Beware of teen attitudes.  Most teens are just hoping the move will not take place.  You are the enemy!  You could suggest they leave their teens out of the search process until a second showing.  Their negative attitude could cloud the buyer’s initial perception of a great property.

8.      Watch for overactive fingers.  Kids don’t mean harm, but they can break something.  Kindly suggest no one touches any items in the home including when opening drawers and closets.

9.      Remind parents to bring car seats.  If your vehicle can accommodate the family, you can drive, but be sure the child is in a car seat if needed.  If is easier than trying to follow each other.

10.Stock Your car.  Snacks are great but ask permission before giving to a child.  Some children could have allergies or some parents may not want their child to eat certain foods.  You could put together kid packs… water, fruits, snack bars, and include an activity such as etch-sketch or books.  Teens would love water, snack bars, or and iTunes card.  Candies and soda could make a child hyper and unruly.

11.Babysit for a few minutes.  Offer to play with the kids outside for a couple of minutes while the parents go back through the house.  It will be an opportunity for the kids to see what fun the back yard is.

12.Get Seller’s kids on board.  Once your listing is secured, meet with the family and help kids understand what an important role they play in selling the home.  Keeping the house clean and tidy to make a good impression helps the home show better and stress levels will be decreased.

13. Beware of permanent hazards.  Be extra careful in houses with steep staircase, glass or sharp edged furniture.  Unfenced pool is a big one – never leave a child unattended. 

14.Think about the pet factor.  Sellers that have pets and are friendly could encourage the children to see them in this house with a pet of their own. 

We are pleased to bring you this information.  We encourage you to follow our blogs for helpful information.  When you are buying or selling real estate, our expertise will make your home buying experience enjoyable.  Call The Cody Anne Team today!  Cody Anne 928-848-1188 or Micheal Yarnes 928-533-6859.  Check out our websites or

**Some information is from Realtor Magazine

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