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A Sad Notice

Reblogger Jason Frey
Real Estate Agent with PureWest, Inc.

A sad notice indeed.  It is a rare few who can influence so many simply through their words, Clint was one of those few.  Rest in Peace Clint, our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.  You will be dearly missed.


Original content by Clint Miller

  “My life has been far from perfect. But, it IS my life. And, I have used the things that have been given to me...the choices I have made...to make myself a better person now than what I was … After all, we are talking about a great person here ... Me.  And, if that is bragging ... then so be it.”

Clint Aaron Miller, 03.08.1971 – 12.11.2011


It is with much sadness that we inform Clint’s followers on this site that he passed away Sunday night. He was at home, surrounded by many who love him. Over the years, Clint won the friendship of many, both here where he worked and among many of you who followed his posts. Perhaps Clint’s most important lesson for all of us was the grace he showed during the past year as he fought the greatest of fights.

It is with the most respect that we invade his blog. We understand how many of you felt toward Clint and this seemed like the best of ways to share this hard information with many who care about him.

Perhaps the best way to sum up our feelings right now is through the words of others. A friend and co-worker of Clint’s recently wrote a song that was inspired by Clint. To listen to OverTime's heartfelt song, click here: http://1075zoofm.com/how-twitter-legend-clint-miller-changed-missoula-my-life-r-i-p/.

Unlike Clint, the rest of us here at Real Estate Pipeline have nothing else to write or say. We find ourselves without the words that came so easily to him.