Helping Canadians buy property in Washington

Real Estate Agent with REMAX Whatcom County

There is more to real estate for Canadian clients than understanding the FIRPTA rules. When it comes to Canadians purchasing property for recreation or investment you are going to get a lot of questions - and you best have some pretty solid answers. If you don't - your done!

Can I get financing, what can I finance, are the rates the same for Canadians, what happens with medical insurance, does ICBC cover a car accident and if so for how long once out of country, what is NEXUS, what is an LLC and why should I create one, do I need to, and how do I, report any income from investment properties....we at have made it our mission to help in these areas. We have put together a team of highly skilled and reputable professionals and have made it our business to help with these and many more issues all relating to the Canadian client.

If we can help in any way please call us at 360.223.7601 or simply register on our site and we will contact you directly.







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