What are these ugly black boxes that are popping up all over?

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As realtors we understand the value of QR codes, right? But when asked about them do we know how to explain them and how they work? I found this article today that broke down those ugly black boxes and thought it was interesting enough to blog about!

2-D Bar Codes


Did you know that there were multiple types of 2-D Codes and that QR Codes isn't all of them? So first thing when relating to sellers or buyers about QR Codes explain they need a QR Code Reader not just some bar code reader. The application they use needs to specifically read QR Code Reader. Unfortunately I have not seen many or one even app that reads all 2-D codes equally.

After this explanation it's pretty simple to explain that QR Codes are here to help the buyers and sellers as well. No need to write down the whole long website for a house or search through multiple sights, just pull up the application on a smart phone, scan the QR Code and buyers can quickly have all the information on the home right at their finger tips.

Now to get this information to potential buyers! No more driving past a house and wishing you had paper and pen, or being out of luck because all of the flyers are gone, just pull out the phone and all the information is right there and saved so buyers can contemplate calling you right there rather than another day or never because the information was lost.

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Bill Kruckenberger
Sapphire Valley Real Estate & Rentals - Cashiers, NC
Sapphire Valley & Cashiers North Carolina Expert

Thanks for the great explanation about how those things work.  But I agree, they are ugly as can be!

I recently wrote a blog with some nasty actual blg pics; check it out at:


Happy Selling!

Dec 13, 2011 07:10 AM