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Branding - Are You Taking Lessons From the Big Boys?

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Stand Out from the CrowdIf you really want to know what it takes to stand out, you should be paying attention to the pro’s.  We are all familiar with that ever popular Nike “swoosh”, the “C’s” all over purses from Coach and on and on.

If you are the head marketer of your company, and most of us running our own businesses are, it doesn’t matter what age we are or what our company does, we all need to understand how important branding is.

Huge corporations are buying each other up, mergers are everywhere, but don’t be fooled by that food frenzy going on at the monstrous end of that spectrum; the real action is at the other end.  This is the economy of free agents, entrepreneurs and sole-proprietorship looking to have a fantastic upcoming year. Even if you are established with a large real estate corporation, you still need your own personal branding because more then likely there are 100's trying to rely on that corporation's brand.

The good news is that everyone has a chance to stand-out and have a brand worthy of remark.  Today brands are huge and every single website sponsor understands that.  Brands become a promise of quality and service.

The internet makes the case for branding more so then any packaged product.  Which sites do you bookmark, trust enough to order Open Your Door Brandproducts from and which ones do you keep going back to?

Starting today, you are a brand.  What makes you different?  Ask yourself and ask your current customers, “What is it that my product or service does that makes it different?”  What is your greatest strength, your most noteworthy characteristic?  Then really think about what you would like to be famous for.  Be the best at what you do or provide so you can back your brand and be the expert.  Then let all of your associates, friends, family and past and current clients know it.  Word of mouth is and always has been one of the best ways to promote your brand. 

Keeping that brand in front of your clients is also important.  Most of us cannot afford the TV commercials and magazine ads that the big boys use to constantly remind us of them.  That’s where Open Your Door™ can help!  Take a look at our tools and see for yourself!

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